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From: Mary K. Bryson (mary.bryson@ubc.ca)
Date: Sun Sep 10 2006 - 16:03:05 PDT


Lots of folks are raving about this open source online social software/web
2.0 content management system...
Accommodates blogs, wikis, uploading files, networking, messaging plus...
Soon, you won't even have to install it client-side, as it will all be
fully online... And since it is aimed at institutions like schools, I am
sure it is fully password-protectable.


On 9/5/06 3:32 PM, "Mike Cole" <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Tony et al--
> I wonder if anyone has a good way to solve the following problem, e.g. a way
> that
> is easy to learn and easy to use and can be password protected (we have yet
> to come
> up with anything that satisfies these criteria).
> We have kids in afterschool sites who are taking pics, making digital
> stories, and videos. We would
> like the kids to have a virtual space to display and discuss these locally
> produced creations and engage
> in joint activity.
> The solution is?????. (note, we MUST keep this a closed system for IRB
> purposes).
> Mike
> PS-- I am wondering if we ought not to have a place where cartoons, video,
> whatever, can be posted on xmca of the sort
> now circulating.
> On 9/5/06, Tony Whitson <twhitson@udel.edu> wrote:
>> That is interesting.
>> For my class I'm using edublogs.org. With a blog there, you get a free
>> wiki
>> on wikispaces. edublogs.org also has blog software specially for college
>> students and for k-12. It is provided exclusively for educational use, so
>> I
>> expect somebody could get kicked out for inappropriate material; although
>> it's also likely that it would not be caught.
>> My curriculum blog and curriculum wiki are public. My social studies wiki
>> will be private, limited to students in faculty in the block of courses
>> they
>> are taking this semester. My social studies blog is public, so they know
>> anything they put there is being published to the world; but I'm not doing
>> the kind of "trackbacking" etc. that would draw a wider readership to this
>> blog, which is mainly for my undergrads. I'm hoping many of them will
>> start
>> blogs of their own & post their pages there with trackbacks to the class
>> blog.
>> One of my purposes is to get them involved with professional communities
>> of
>> practice, so that even work they do for my class is not seen as something
>> they are doing for me or to satisfy my requirements, but is seen rather as
>> contributions they are making to the profession they are entering.
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>> Funny,it hurts.
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>>> thanks, bb
>>> If you
>>> know of any blogs or wikis that would be of interest to my students, I
>> would
>>> love to hear from you -- especially if you know of blogs or wikis
>> created
>> by
>>> k-8 classes that include social studies.
>> Interesting - Blogs have been part of the content for an "emerging
>> technologies" course that I sometimes teach. In our program, I fly around
>> the country and my classroom is usually a computer lab in a school
>> somewhere. Here's what I've found -- almost all of school district
>> filters
>> ,in sites where I teach, prevent access to most blogs (and quite a few
>> wikis).
>> Here's what the secure computing says about why Bess blocks blogs:
>> "Personal Pages (pp)
>> This category includes personal home pages that share a common domain such
>> as those hosted by ISPs, University/Education servers, Free Web Page
>> hosts,
>> etc. Blogging sites are also included. Personal home pages present a risk
>> to
>> viewers because content ranges from harmless to offensive, yet these pages
>> are not highly trafficked, making them difficult to categorize and provide
>> coverage for each personal page."
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