Re: [xmca] LSV`s developmental idea

From: Armando Perez (
Date: Fri Sep 08 2006 - 04:59:27 PDT

Dear Katarina:
I was sick, very sick, thatīs why I couldnīt read my e
mail from XMCA. But your mmail is very interesting for
me, because in my comprehension of Vygotsky, the
central concept is Social Situation of development. I
have an article that was presented in a Cuban
Conference in Havana in 2003. My intention weas to
link the concept of SSD and ZPD, no only for
understanding learning but the process of personality
formation asking Vygotsky. That article is in spanish,
and I donīt know if you can read in that language.
Armando Perez Yera
Central University of Cuba

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