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That is interesting.
For my class I'm using With a blog there, you get a free wiki
on wikispaces. also has blog software specially for college
students and for k-12. It is provided exclusively for educational use, so I
expect somebody could get kicked out for inappropriate material; although
it's also likely that it would not be caught.

My curriculum blog and curriculum wiki are public. My social studies wiki
will be private, limited to students in faculty in the block of courses they
are taking this semester. My social studies blog is public, so they know
anything they put there is being published to the world; but I'm not doing
the kind of "trackbacking" etc. that would draw a wider readership to this
blog, which is mainly for my undergrads. I'm hoping many of them will start
blogs of their own & post their pages there with trackbacks to the class

One of my purposes is to get them involved with professional communities of
practice, so that even work they do for my class is not seen as something
they are doing for me or to satisfy my requirements, but is seen rather as
contributions they are making to the profession they are entering.

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Funny,it hurts.

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> thanks, bb

> If you
> know of any blogs or wikis that would be of interest to my students, I
> love to hear from you -- especially if you know of blogs or wikis created
> k-8 classes that include social studies.

Interesting - Blogs have been part of the content for an "emerging
technologies" course that I sometimes teach. In our program, I fly around
the country and my classroom is usually a computer lab in a school
somewhere. Here's what I've found -- almost all of school district filters
,in sites where I teach, prevent access to most blogs (and quite a few

Here's what the secure computing says about why Bess blocks blogs:

"Personal Pages (pp)
This category includes personal home pages that share a common domain such
as those hosted by ISPs, University/Education servers, Free Web Page hosts,
etc. Blogging sites are also included. Personal home pages present a risk to
viewers because content ranges from harmless to offensive, yet these pages
are not highly trafficked, making them difficult to categorize and provide
coverage for each personal page."

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