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thanks, bb

I've cast my vote.
On science teaching, there's a sharp video animation that I have linked from

This is on teaching creationism in science class in place of evolutionary

The video is on YouTube, but if you want to share this with anyone, it would
be a favor to me if you share the link to my blog entry (above) rather than
a direct link to YouTube. When I meet with my undergraduate classes on
Monday I want to get them started with blogging. When I do that, I will show
them the world map of all the visits to my blog from around the world in the
past week.

I have two sections of a class for undergraduates preparing to teach in
grades k-8, all subjects, and my class is for their Social Studies. If you
know of any blogs or wikis that would be of interest to my students, I would
love to hear from you -- especially if you know of blogs or wikis created by
k-8 classes that include social studies.


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Our summer of independent science is coming to a close, but
there's one important step left--it's time to cast your vote for
your favorite scientific integrity cartoon at

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