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Date: Fri Sep 01 2006 - 13:05:42 PDT

Sun Yung Moon brainwashed my closest friend in 1980 in San Fransisco and her
brother from SA and I from Scotland (where I was studying) flew across and
with the aid of consultants rescued her when everybody was adamant we had
found out where she was too late, and there was no precedent.... If anybody
wants to know about Moon, for every discussion on this group, I will add a
chapter of this agony. It nearly broke her family's finances, and took many
of us a long time to recover from. I am sorry, I am a loyal member of this
discussion group, but will not countenance any neutral discussion of this
truly evil man's empire. It would be a bit like saying one had some good
news about Adolf after all.
There you are Mike, another piece from me you can delete, as usual: but I am
deadly serious.

On 8/31/06, Tony Whitson <> wrote:
> This is discourse for analysis, I suppose; but otherwise it's not usual
> xmca
> fare. I'm generally not posting stuff here on the evolution/ID conflict
> that
> preoccupies me now (my mission for the next few months is to get the
> Kansas
> science standards changed).
> However, considering the Russian aspect of this, I thought folks might
> want
> to know about
> which critiques a book chapter titled "American Lysenkoism."
> The author of the book being reviewed is a "Unificationist." In that
> connection, folks might also be interested in this document:
> a transcript of a meeting in heaven at which Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Deng
> Xiaoping (I guess Mao was not invited) join Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius,
> Buddha and others in support of the Rev. Moon.
> I did see this run in US newspapers when it came out. It would be easy to
> dismiss; but the Moonies now own the United Press International news
> agency,
> and the Wells book is high on many lists of best-selling books in the US.
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