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If memory serves me well.... (i don't often count on it): Bonnie Nardi
had a good chapter comparing AT, Dist Cog, and Situated Action in her
'96 book Context and Consciousness. What might also work by providing
some theoretical insights is Barbara Rogoff's article- "observing
sociocultural activity on three planes..." (in the wertsch et. al. '95
edited volume)- at least I think it is the article I am thinking of ;)

good luck

Mary K. Bryson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am working on a course syllabus, and thinking about the separate but
> related trajectories of situated cognition and socio-cultural theory. At
> some point in the early nineties, lots of former cognitivists started to
> sound a lot like socio-culturalists. So where do these two trajectories
> intersect and where do they remain forever apart?
> Someone may have written a really great review article or chapter that
> compares these two theoretical perspectives. If you know of such a text,
> could you let me know? I will so appreciate that.
> Mary
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