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Date: Mon Jul 03 2006 - 17:46:56 PDT

Wonderful questions, bb

I am almost certain yrjo has written on this topic, all it requires is all
of google's search capacity to find where in that vast
array of ideas!

On 7/3/06, bb <> wrote:
> I've been re-reading Granott's paper on units of analysis in mca from a
> while back, and it would seem that one needs to think of what unit to use
> before proceeding. Jay Lemke writes about downward [qualitative] causation
> at what I think is a societal scale, as well as do Durkheim and
> Weber. Arguably for Leont'ev, Activity is the unit of causation. But so to
> reflect this back to Kevin's paper, how do we think of C&E at a community
> [CoP] level, and is this a large enough unit to begin to determine
> causation, or do we need more? Does the community have a history, in which
> what has happened before is an essential ingredient in what is happening
> now? How far back should one go in an historical analysis? Does the
> community border on others in any way so that interaction with others is
> significant, i.e. there are exchanges of practices? Perhaps Hutchin's
> micronesian navigators were/still_are an isolated community, so that
> causation is entirely internal to it?
> What especially does causation have to do with symmetry?
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