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From: Kris Gutierrez (gutierrez@gseis.ucla.edu)
Date: Sun May 21 2006 - 20:20:02 PDT

Bedford/St. Martins has just published Mike Rose's An Open Language:
Selected Writing on Literacy, Learning, and Opportunity, which is a
selection of Mike's work from 1979 to the present. The selections
include his research on the cognition of the composing process;
essays on the teaching of academic writing and the institutional
politics of teaching writing, particularly basic writing, at the post-
secondary level; research on the social construction and defining of
remediation; excerpts from Lives on the Boundary, Possible Lives, and
The Mind at Work, and a selection of opinion pieces from the popular
press. Mike contextualizes each selection with commentary on the
time, place, and purpose of the piece, on the writing and research
behind it, and on his thoughts about it now.

Here are the main sections of the table of contents:

Part One: The Cognition of Composing, 1980-1985
Part Two: Teaching Academic Writing, 1979-2001
Part Three: Integrating the Cognitive and the Social: Critical
Perspectives on Writing Instruction, 1985-1991
Part Four: School and Society, 1989-1995
Part Five: The Mind at Work: Researching the Everyday, 1999-2004
Part Six: Public Writing: Style and Persuasion, 1989-2005

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