RE: [xmca] Experience: material, ideal, real, imagined

From: White, Phillip (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 14:06:41 PST

This article has me torn. I don't believe its accurate but it comes from
a reliable source. I do remember Cheney peppering someone, but only
vaguely remember who it was was he peppered. Anyways CNN has people to
double check things so I'm sure its legit.


well, Nate - the last time i was out in California, Mike did cook up a mean catalan dish of California quail - he said it was an old california recipe brought over by the spanish monks who had built the local missions. originally he had known the dish from his childhood made primarily from trout - but as time went on and Mike fished out the local trout streams, he turned to the flocks of local quail.

but, its funny - he lives fairly abstemiously, so i never would have taken him for a millionaire - and that constant companion hat of his is certainly the worse for wear. but, of course, there is the role model of Howard Hughes, another southern california eccentric.


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