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Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 07:55:19 PST

Hi Andrew-- Sounds like that is a very useful example for my student.
Here is something else to think about. Someone commented on the whole issue
of what "unmediated" could
mean in human affairs which is sure a good question:

And how can prayer ever NOT be considered a mediational element in a
relationship with G-d? How can one juxtapose the words unmediated and

All worth thinking about, in concert, if that is arrangeable.

On 2/25/06, Andrew Jocuns <> wrote:
> Actually I did a paper on some fieldwork I did in Indonesian Borneo
> concerning ritual using mediated discourse analysis a la Scollon. The
> 'mediation' issue there was that before ritual could be performed alcohol
> had to be consumed along with it. So before a story, or poem, or any type
> of ritual that had to do with 'adat', alcohol had to be consumed. The issue
> was that the Protestant Christian missionaries imposed a restriction upon
> alcohol consumption. It was an interesting case where so-called
> 'modernity', Protestant Christianity, was having an affect upon how
> adherents to this religion practiced. Those who were not Christians drank
> alcohol before the ritual, those who were touched it to their lips in a
> symbolic sort of way, and were somewhat chatised for not adhering to
> tradition.
> I don't know if that helps, but I did use a form of CHAT. Someone who has
> done a lot with ritual from a semiotic perspectic -- mediation! in the
> Peircean sense -- is Rick Parmentier. It would be interesting to see
> someone link the Peircean sense of mediation to the CHAT notion.
> andy j.
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