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From: Andrew Jocuns (
Date: Sat Feb 25 2006 - 16:27:52 PST

Actually I did a paper on some fieldwork I did in Indonesian Borneo concerning ritual using mediated discourse analysis a la Scollon. The 'mediation' issue there was that before ritual could be performed alcohol had to be consumed along with it. So before a story, or poem, or any type of ritual that had to do with 'adat', alcohol had to be consumed. The issue was that the Protestant Christian missionaries imposed a restriction upon alcohol consumption. It was an interesting case where so-called 'modernity', Protestant Christianity, was having an affect upon how adherents to this religion practiced. Those who were not Christians drank alcohol before the ritual, those who were touched it to their lips in a symbolic sort of way, and were somewhat chatised for not adhering to tradition.
  I don't know if that helps, but I did use a form of CHAT. Someone who has done a lot with ritual from a semiotic perspectic -- mediation in the Peircean sense -- is Rick Parmentier. It would be interesting to see someone link the Peircean sense of mediation to the CHAT notion.
  andy j.

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