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I am not sure he takes a CHAT perspective, but would the work of Bill Hanks
be relevant?

He studies Mayan shamanism and ritual and the ways that the Mayan language
and practices mediate their understanding of things as fundamental as space.
If I recall, some of this shows up in:

Hanks, William F. (1990). Referential Practice, Language and Lived Space
among the Maya. The University of Chicago Press.

Some of which is excerpted on his website:

on 2/24/06 12:03 PM, Mike Cole at wrote:

> Dear Xmca-o-phytes---
> A graduate student of mine is studying a Carribean ritual and asks about
> literature
> on CHAT/Socio-cultural approaches to analysing rituals as mediators of
> thought and
> action.
> What would you suggest that she read?
> mike
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