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A tease of an introduction to fascinating data and ideas about them is in
Paul Stoller's "Embodying Colonial Memories: Spirit Possession, Power, and
the Hauka in West Africa" in Language in Action: New Studies of Language in
Society (Hampton Press about 2001). It's not CHAT but ever since I read it
any mention of ritual makes me think that the folks might have liked to have
thought about Stoller's work.

Long ago but not far away, Bud and I did a paper, also not CHAT but not
inconsistent, I think.
Griffin, P., Mehan, H. (1979) Sense and Ritual in Classroom Discourse. In F.
Coulmas (Ed.) Conversational Routine. The Hague: Mouton, 187-213.

And maybe related to what Peter means when he talks about classroom ritual,
the chapter called "How the west has won" in the Construction Zone book
(Denis Newman, Mike Cole and I did for CUP) and a more recent piece where I
contrast conversational with classroom ritual in terms of form and function
variation of discourse chunks: "Collaboration in school: 'I (don't) know'
answers and questions" in the same book as the Stoller article.
Peg Griffin
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My experiences with rituals comes mostly in schools and sports. In sports,
rituals are very important for both teams and individual competitors. I
did a google search on athletic rituals and found that it's been a research
topic. Some are not so nice (e.g., hazing athletes as an initiation rite).

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>What would you suggest that she read?
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