[xmca] Fwd: CFP and Registration: Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 08:39:00 PST

>Dear Colleagues,
>Registration is now open for the international conference 'Critical
>Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines', to be held at the
>University of East Anglia, Norwich between 29-30 June, 2006. Please visit
>the conference website at
><http://discourse.uea.ac.uk>http://discourse.uea.ac.uk for further details.
>Thirty years have passed since research began at the University of East
>Anglia (UEA) into what would be inaugurated as Critical Linguistics with
>the publication of Language and Control in 1979. UEA has since remained at
>the forefront of critically applied linguistic research.
>In continuation of this tradition, the School of Language, Linguistics and
>Translation Studies (LLT) invites abstracts to be considered for a
>conference designed to assess the state of the art and offer new
>directions for interdisciplinary critical discourse research. The
>conference is organized in cooperation with the Centre for Applied
>Research in Education (CARE) and the Centre for Staff and Educational
>Development (CSED).
>Whilst it is CDA that has claimed the most attention, papers dealing with
>any critical approaches to discourse analysis are invited across a variety
>of disciplines.
>Interdisciplinarity as a central theme for the conference can be
>interpreted in two ways. First, we are interested in critical approaches
>to discourse analysis as applied within disciplines including all
>humanities and sciences but also applied and professional areas such as
>medicine, environmental studies, engineering, social policy, education,
>law, etc. Second, the methodological foundations of critical discourse
>analysis historically lie with linguistics (from transformational to
>systemic functional grammar) and ethnography. However, recently critical
>approaches to discourse analysis have benefited from a wider range of
>methodologies. We therefore also welcome and encourage papers reflecting
>the theoretical advances in linguistics, psychology and cognitive science
>amongst other disciplines which offer the opportunity for critically
>applied discourse research to expand its methodological arsenal.
>To further underscore CADAAD's theme, the invited plenary speakers each
>represent a different approach to interdisciplinarity and innovation in
>(critical) discourse analysis.
> *
> <http://ioewebserver.ioe.ac.uk/ioe/cms/get.asp?cid=4441&4441_0=5194>Gunthe
> r Kress
> * <http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=christl.delandtsheer>Christ'l de
> Landtsheer
> * <http://www.louisdesaussure.tk/>Louis de Saussure
> * <http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/staff/wodak/index.htm>Ruth Wodak
>The conference will experiment with a new form of online proceedings
>inviting post-conference interaction between presenters, participants and
>an external audience. From this process, selected presentations will be
>published in print form. CADAAD is pursuing publication opportunities with
>the John Benjamins series Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and
>Culture (DAPSAC).
>Abstracts of 300 words plus references should be submitted to
><mailto:discourse@uea.ac.uk>discourse@uea.ac.uk by 25 February, 2006 in
>Word format (RTF or plain text are acceptable alternatives, use of PDF is
>discouraged). Speakers will be allocated 20 minutes talk-time with 10
>minutes for questions. Abstracts for posters are also invited. Authors
>should include their name, affiliation, correspondence details and
>indicate whether they are submitting for a session paper or a poster
>presentation. Successful applicants will be notified by 31 March.
>Organised by Christopher Hart and Dominik Lukea with Paul Chilton. All
>organisers can be contacted through the conference email on
>Christopher Hart
>School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies
>University of East Anglia
>United Kingdom
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