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From: Mary K. Bryson (
Date: Wed Jan 25 2006 - 09:06:10 PST

Thanks to all who offered solutions. How very interesting <to me> that I was
interacting with the DVD according to the mental map I cling to in relation
to my Mac -- interacting with raw files. That is what I was trying to do. I
had no idea that there was a "DVD player". I still insist on interacting
with my Mac in pre-OS X mode -- where I am the *&^% whatever file type
I am teaching scaffolding this week, and I think I will need to make some
notes on the Zone of Debased Development where a technological
infrastructure takes over what used to include the human actant as an
intelligent creature, and makes direct engagement with digital materials
impossible as it requires and insists on engagement with the simulation of
the "DVD player" -- the box inside the box...

Anyhow, yes, MAC DVD player works. And thanks to Mike and others for making
these archival materials available. Fascinating.


On 1/24/06 8:31 PM, "Ed Wall" <> wrote:

> Mary
> You need to, hopefully, use the Mac DVD player.
> Ed Wall
>> Hi All,
>> I eagerly brought home my new copy of the Autobiography of Alexander Luria,
>> only to find a collection of file types that I don't recognize on the DVD,
>> and that my trusty Mac media players don't seem to like...
>> Any tips on how to play these files much appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> Mary
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