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Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 19:38:07 PST

So maybe the whole Wartofsky set of distinctions are irrelevant. Or need to
be bracket/specified

On 1/22/06, bb <> wrote:
> On Saturday 21 January 2006 6:55 pm, Mike Cole wrote:
> > for example, it is simply unclear
> > your example of a reading practice functioning as "an exercise with
> > survielllance by the child as teacher" qualifies
> > according to my interpretation of Wartofsky.
> I have seen something close that may qualify. It's play. During "choice"
> time I have observed children to play at being in school -- I find it a
> little suprising, because here are the children already in school, waiting
> for it to formally start, or at the end of the day waiting their turn for
> the
> bus ride home. But then, all the props are easily available. These forms
> of
> play have occured: the child-as-teacher stands at the white board and
> draws a
> figure. The children-as-students try to repeat the figure and are
> complemented by the child-as-teacher according to how well they reproduced
> the drawing. There have been literacy examples too, where the children,
> as
> above, take turns at being the teacher, but in this example read aloud to
> their classmates.
> This latter form is not a big stretch for the children -- one form of the
> literacy lessons is for the adult teacher to abdicate her chair (it is the
> one at the end of the red rug), and for the children to take turns seated
> in
> what has become the "author's chair" to read to the class their books they
> have written, illustrated, and 'published', and, with each page, show the
> class the accompanied illustration. Perhaps their play has grown out of
> their schooling. But is this play world tertiary? Does it really qualify
> as
> an 'autonomous world'? Why do we actually care how it is classified
> primary
> through tertiary, if we can understand its functionality with much finer
> structure, with perhaps pursuing and investigating an explanation of
> whether
> this play helps the children practice at being in school?
> bb
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