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Hatano-san's visits in the early days of LCHC at San Diego brought out the
best in everyone, I thought. Somehow he merged traditional and
progressive. He seemed to think from a perspective deeply embedded in his
culture and, at the same time, to notice and appreciate subtle nuances in
other cultures. I just re-read the LCHC newsletter article he and a
colleague did about the children making ice -- a piece relating to much done
later by many.

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This morning I learned that our long term colleague and friend, Giyoo
Hatano, succumbed to
a virulent form of pneumonia today. Giyoo was a brilliant, generous,
internationalist scholar whose
work on culture and development, committment ot international fraternalism,
and bettering the life
of people around him is an infinitely rare virtue at any time. But we knew
him at this time and his loss
is a shock to my system as I now meet my graduate class and try to
concentrate on the work of the day,
which will include thoughts on how to make his memory a living cultural
presence for human development in the
years to come.

In deep sadness.
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