RE: [xmca] Intelligent Design decision

From: Tony Whitson (
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 10:16:04 PST

I have been concerned that the way the Dover outcome is being represented
does not make for good science education, and is even worse as social


In case anyone is interested, this is now the Featured Commentary at
Teachers College Record Online (that means its accessible to everybody for a
week or so; after that it will be accessible to subscribers only).


The Dover (PA) <>
Evolution Case: A True Win for Education?

by James Anthony Whitson
The decision on Intelligent Design in the Dover, Pennsylvania case has been
widely hailed as a win for science educators, and for education generally.
But is it a true victory? This article raises questions about the dangers of
abdicating curriculum responsibility to legal and political authorities,
without benefit of judgment grounded in a principled understanding of
curriculum by scholars and practitioners in education.


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