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Thanks for clarifying, Ricardo. And no need to lurk. I do think that Mary's
reaction has a reciprocal. And it has to do with tolerance to "peripherical"
voices (from a USA perspective). Peripherical voices speak different. It
should not come as a surprise that I, as a Latin American, immediately
understood that there was not a sexist intention in your words. Now that you
clarified, I think that I can state more certainly that I was impressed by
the verbal violence implicit in Mary's reaction (and how rapidly it was
endorsed). I think that, to be fair, and to avoid flamming, as there was a
request for you to think twice before submitting, that request should be
made as well to those that judge you (and others) too rapidly. It is very
easy to judge others the way they act, it's more difficult to judge the
fairness of our own reactions. In my own view, judging the adequacy of
others' behaviors the way it was done here is not only similar to the French
policy of prohibiting religious symbols at schools but also is just an
straight path to preventive wars and similar interventions in distant places
that don't accommodate so easily to our view of what is democratic,
equalitarian and just.

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Dear Mary Bryson and all,

That was not my intention - misogynist sexist objectification of Dr.
Setsenko's writings.

What I want to say, using the expression "good girl", is that she acts
according predictable academic constrains and rules.

It was not my intention to defend or advocate any "private men's club" -
neither a private women's one, or a private gay one. I just tried to share
some thoughts using English as a foreing language - and I had never the
chance to study it in USA or Astralia or England and just made a basic
course here, in Brazil, many years ago.

Please, do not move elsewhere. I promise be silent and act in a periferical
(lurking) way. Maybe I have been pathetic trying to communicate in a
language that is not mine. Forgive-me if you felt the expression I made use
as offensive.

I did noy know it has this sense in English.

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