RES: [xmca] Objecting to objectification

From: Ricardo Japiassu (
Date: Fri Oct 28 2005 - 12:17:30 PDT

Dear Mary Bryson and all,

That was not my intention - misogynist sexist objectification of Dr.
Setsenko's writings.

What I want to say, using the expression "good girl", is that she acts
according predictable academic constrains and rules.

It was not my intention to defend or advocate any "private men's club" -
neither a private women's one, or a private gay one. I just tried to share
some thoughts using English as a foreing language - and I had never the
chance to study it in USA or Astralia or England and just made a basic
course here, in Brazil, many years ago.

Please, do not move elsewhere. I promise be silent and act in a periferical
(lurking) way. Maybe I have been pathetic trying to communicate in a
language that is not mine. Forgive-me if you felt the expression I made use
as offensive.

I did noy know it has this sense in English.

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