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From: David Preiss (davidpreiss@puc.cl)
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 09:23:56 PDT


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Dear colleagues,
I like to draw you attention to Persuasive06, a conference that will be
organized in Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands next year (
<http://www.persuasivetechnology.org/> http://www.persuasivetechnology.org/.
The conference will be about persuasive technology, which refers to
behavioral change and persuasion processes in which technology play's an
important role. Increasingly one can see applications in areas like for
example health, safety, environment, conflict, group behavior, communication
that monitor human actions, give feedback, offer persuasive messages, give
advise, (dis)encourage actions etc.. This is an emerging area and we are
open for contributions of various kinds that colleagues want to make. In
particular, we are interested in issues of persuasion in which interactive
systems operate as change agent.
Please check out the (developing) website and we look forward to your
Cees Midden

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