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From: Jim Rogers (
Date: Wed Oct 19 2005 - 07:58:16 PDT

I just happen to have the articles sitting on my hard drive in pdf
format (all of them except for the Hyysalo article) and would be happy
to forward one or all to anyone interested. Please e-mail me directly
at and I will send them off. I'm no supreme court
justice nominee but there must be some interpretation of fair use laws
which make this legal (of course I'll leave it to the receiver to
destroy their copy after reading it).


Mike Cole wrote:

>yes, don. lets spread the bytes.
>On 10/17/05, Cunningham, Donald J. <> wrote:
>>Dear Phil (and all),
>>As one blessed with access to many on-line versions of journals through my
>>university, I think I could arrange for our local wizard to forward copies
>>of articles to those without such access. It would be a small act of civil
>>disobedience in support of open access......djc
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>>I wouldn't feel so greedy if the subsidy for financially
>>disadvantaged countries was going anywhere - I'd love them all.
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