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Dear Phil, Donna, and each of you,
It will be very good when Mike and his colleagues have a list of the abstracts of ISCAR, so that we all can read what happened. I am wondering if there would be any way to offer a link within each abstract to give a site where the actual papers could be downloaded? I know it would be much work. Or, to offer e-mail addresses so that we might be able to write to the author for his/her paper. We truly have a very large international community, and as Seth said [paraphrased], it is really fun to be a part of this community and to be together when possible. It is a feeling of higher unity within true diversity, and a feeling of real civil (certainly dialectical) discourse.
I will close here, in gratitude to all of you. Dot (Phil, Mike's abstract is below)
M. Cole: "Accomplishments and Unfulfilled Promises of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory. "In my presentation, I will address three issues. First, with respect to the study of behavior over time at different levels of analysis, there are now at least three important research programs that have studied the relationship between cultural history, ontogeny, and microgenesis that greatly extend the work pioneered by Luria in the 1930s and improve upon attempts to use cross-cultural research as a substitute for genuine cultural-historical analysis. Second, with respect to the analysis of phylogenesis, cultural history, and ontogeny there is now a plethora of new evidence of the dialectic of culture and biology in the process of hominization and entirely new lines of research relating the structure of culturally organized activities to their brain bases (e.g., Roth, 2003). Third, with respect to the design and implementation of theory-guided analysis and creation of new forms of a!
 there have been a variety of new forms of intervention research that embody, extend, and challenge basic theoretical principles. Examples of these promising lines of research will be given along with critical analysis of their shortcomings in an effort to spur discussion of ways to go beyond the accomplishments of our forbearers."

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