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From: Carrie Lobman (
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 14:41:08 PDT

I also attended Ana's workshop and it was one of
the most interesting and fun parts of the week
for me as well. The experience of transforming
Hamlet into a multicultural, multilingual, play
within a play within a play with people I had
never met before was very intimate and broke
through the usual conference alienation. It was a
reminder of how important it is create activity
together, not just do the activity of talking about activity.

I would love to talk more about--or even more
appealing--do more play on XMCA. I was sorry I
missed the dialogues about the Playworlds
Projects a few months ago. I found the sessions
on this work to be some of the most exciting and
optimistic parts of the conference. I am in the
process of reading more about the work in all its
locations--Finland, San Diego, that I
can include it in a piece I am writing for a new
Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Education. It
resonates with the work I do using improvisation
to support teachers to be more creative and
innovative in their work at all levels of the
school system. One of the things I love about the
playworlds work, and I mean this with the utmost
respect, is that it supports adults to be weirder
with children--and in my opinion, this opens up all sorts of possibilities.

Carrie Lobman
Graduate School of Education
Rutgers University

At 08:40 PM 10/3/2005, you wrote:
>I like the way Ana listed presentations at
>Sevilla that were relevant to her intriguing
>area of inquiry, play (well, one of them!). I
>attended the Play Art Theory workshop she and
>Ljibica led, which culminated in having us
>interpret and perform a page from Shakespeare’s
>Hamlet in small groups. The session was quite
>challenging and fun, and one of the high points of the conference for me.
>“Play” was one of the hot topics at Sevilla
>(“narrative” was another) which I would like to
>see taken up here on xmca in some form ­ perhaps
>in the upcoming xmca course, or in some other way.
>- Steve
>from Ana:
> > Before the conference, I made my own selection of workshops which have
> > something to do with play and imagination. That was my personal program
> > guide, I am attaching here. However, I ended up changing it to
> > accommodate other talks which were also important to me.
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