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From: Ricardo Japiassu (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 18:50:08 PDT

Hi all,

It's widely accepted in Brazilian Academy (Portuguese) that "Method" and
"Methodology" usually refer different "substances" (Scholastic) or "ideas"
(Plato) or "essences" (Aristotle) or "concepts" (Vygotsky).

Method = a singular way of knowledge production (with roots in phylosofical
and scientific schools);

Methodology = comparative, critical and historical study of different ways
of producing knowledge by (wo)men along time (fundamentals of knowledge

But "methodology" is common sense understood as "method" (in the sense
pointed above). Indeed many academic authors of research relatory
(dissertations and thesis) use it (methodology) as "method" in that sense.

I think that what really counts is that an author says in what sense s(he)
is using the word "methodology" and "method". This make us - the readers -
aware of what meaning co-construction s(he) is proposing to us.

It is also seen, in Brazil, the use of the word "methodologies" to refer
tecnics related to a specific method and also the ensemble of methods.

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