[xmca] Slattery/Australian campaign against Critical Literacy

From: Phil Chappell (philchappell@mac.com)
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 05:04:37 PDT

This is a response to the critical literacy editorial that I also
posted to a systemics list. What similarities are there, I wonder, in
other parts of the world?


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> Subject: [Sys-func] Slattery/Australian campaign against Critical
> Literacy
> Hi All,
> Phil Chappell's example from earlier today is just part of a wider
> campaign
> against critical literacy in the Australian. It began on the 23rd of
> July when
> Luke Slattery was given space for 3 articles on the same subject in the
> weekend edition, one of which began on the front page (see
> attachments). That
> seems a lot of space to me, so it comes as no surprise that in Phil's
> example
> the Australian espoused its formal opposition to the idea.
> It should come as no surprise though that this occurred in one of
> Rupert
> Murdoch's "fine" publications. This is, after all, the company which
> brings us
> Fox News, The Sun, The News of the World etc, none of which are known
> to
> encourage critical thinking (I feel this may be a massive
> understatement :-).
> Re Jim's earlier remarks I'd encourage all of us who are well
> established in
> the field of SFL (excludes myself :-) to write a few lines to the
> Australian
> (or perhaps even the Sydney Morning Herald, Age etc) in defence of
> critical
> literacy.
> Best,
> Phil Mills

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