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From: Phil Chappell (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 18:45:38 PDT

Dear Ana,
I was told that the articles would be up by now, but I guess we will
need to wait until Monday morning, UCSD time. In the meantime, as the
Vygotsky article is first on the list, I have attached it for all.
Steve and I will kick off the discussion once everyone has had a chance
to read this one, as well as the other two coming shortly. I hesitate
to send them all to everyone on the list, as people in the past have
had issues with bandwith and storage space.


By the way, one list member had set an anti-spam arrangement which
meant every time you posted to xmca, you received a message asking that
you confirm your identity. This should no longer happen; if it does,
contact that member at

On 12/06/2005, at 4:57 AM, Ana Marjanovic-Shane wrote:

> Phil
> This is really an exciting program for discussion. Thank you so much
> for putting it together. I have started reading some readings, but not
> in the order you envisioned. I am very inspired by an article from
> your list, but I will leave it for the appropriate week of discussion.
> In the meantime, I would like to get the Vygotsky's text but it still
> is not on the website. Do you know when are they going to post the
> articles?
> Ana
> Phil Chappell wrote:Dear All,
>> A mini-course/discussion of a model of language for activity theory
>> (as in the Vygotskian, Leontievian and more current versions of the
>> theory) will start next week here on xmca. The hope is that we can
>> spur along dialogue between those working within cultural-historical,
>> socio-cultural and Vygotskian perspectives on human learning, and
>> those who are working within the socio-semiotic world of language.
>> Mike Cole has been a great motivator in getting this going, but I
>> must say that we should show our appreciation to the scholars
>> implicated below, who have offered to spearhead the discussions.
>> Also, we might notice a few new new subscribers to this community,
>> some of whom have been much more than instrumental in shaping some of
>> the disciplines in which we will engage over the next couple of
>> weeks.
>> If all goes to plan (the eccentric reading list can be largely
>> blamed on me) , we'll start next week with a review of Vygotsky's
>> work on tools and signs, a look into activity theory applied to
>> foreign language learning, and a reading of Jim Lantolf and Steven
>> Thorne's introduction to their forthcoming volume: Sociocultural
>> Theory and the Genesis of Second Language Development.
>> Following that, Gordon Wells will facilitate a discussion focused on
>> a synergy between Hallidayan and Vygotskian theory in educational
>> contexts.
>> Then Harry Daniels and Ruqaiya Hasan will lead a discussion on
>> unpacking semiotic mediation.
>> Hopefully further discussions with suggested papers will follow to
>> keep us all occupied for a longer period over summer and winter
>> breaks.
>> Please see attached pdf (one page) file for more details.
>> All the papers will be available at
>> within the next
>> couple of days
>> To follow along and/or sign up to the list, go to
>> I hope this may be of interest to many here, and I encourage
>> everyone to join in, whether actively or passively.
>> Cheers,
>> Phil Chappell

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