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From: Ana Marjanovic-Shane (
Date: Sat Jun 11 2005 - 14:57:37 PDT

This is really an exciting program for discussion. Thank you so much for
putting it together. I have started reading some readings, but not in
the order you envisioned. I am very inspired by an article from your
list, but I will leave it for the appropriate week of discussion. In the
meantime, I would like to get the Vygotsky's text but it still is not on
the website. Do you know when are they going to post the articles?

Phil Chappell wrote:

> Dear All,
> A mini-course/discussion of a model of language for activity theory
> (as in the Vygotskian, Leontievian and more current versions of the
> theory) will start next week here on xmca. The hope is that we can
> spur along dialogue between those working within cultural-historical,
> socio-cultural and Vygotskian perspectives on human learning, and
> those who are working within the socio-semiotic world of language.
> Mike Cole has been a great motivator in getting this going, but I must
> say that we should show our appreciation to the scholars implicated
> below, who have offered to spearhead the discussions. Also, we might
> notice a few new new subscribers to this community, some of whom have
> been much more than instrumental in shaping some of the disciplines in
> which we will engage over the next couple of weeks.
> If all goes to plan (the eccentric reading list can be largely blamed
> on me) , we'll start next week with a review of Vygotsky's work on
> tools and signs, a look into activity theory applied to foreign
> language learning, and a reading of Jim Lantolf and Steven Thorne's
> introduction to their forthcoming volume: Sociocultural Theory and the
> Genesis of Second Language Development.
> Following that, Gordon Wells will facilitate a discussion focused on a
> synergy between Hallidayan and Vygotskian theory in educational contexts.
> Then Harry Daniels and Ruqaiya Hasan will lead a discussion on
> unpacking semiotic mediation.
> Hopefully further discussions with suggested papers will follow to
> keep us all occupied for a longer period over summer and winter breaks.
> Please see attached pdf (one page) file for more details.
> All the papers will be available at
> within the next
> couple of days
> To follow along and/or sign up to the list, go to
> I hope this may be of interest to many here, and I encourage everyone
> to join in, whether actively or passively.
> Cheers,
> Phil Chappell

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