Re: The Intersections of Sociocultural Theory and Gifted Education

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Jun 02 2005 - 18:13:56 PDT

I really don't know, David. #1 I am do not use the term sociocultural for
reasons explicated in a variety of places and #2 I do not know the gifted
literature. So I was
simply thinking aloud about how to approach the question.

On 6/2/05, David H Kirshner <> wrote:
> So, Mike, reading between the lines of your "question with a question,"
> there is no socio-historical literature on gifted education, per se, because
> a socio-historical analysis tends to deconstruct the construct of
> giftedness. Is that the trajectory of your response?
> David
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> Subject: Re: The Intersections of Sociocultural Theory and Gifted
> Education
> I come from a tradition that likes to answer a question with a question,
> Kimberly.
> What, from a cultural-historical perspective, would be a way of defining
> "gifted"? What
> would change about the theoretical concepts one would bring to bear, for
> example,
> in thinking about effective pedagogy for gifted versus (say) average
> students?
> My guess is that answer to such questions might help you frame an answer
> to the one
> that was posed.
> mike
> On 6/2/05, *Kimberly N Mcglonn* <**> wrote:
> Hello Everyone-
> I'm a doctoral candidate who's in the process of preparing to defend my
> general exams. One of my exam questions centers on the intersections of
> sociocultural theory and gifted education. The exact question (more or
> less) is as follows:
> What are the intersections of socio-cultural theory and gifted education?
> More specifically, how is the training/education of teachers of the
> gifted,
> informed by the notions presented through this framework?
> Is there anyone out there who has read research (recently or not), who can
> be of any assistance?
> Many, many thanks.
> Kimberly McGlonn-Nelson

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