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Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 09:19:06 PDT

Thank you Mike, Phil, Steve, Peter for starting to focus on SLA, which will be exciting for a number of us. Apart from the sociocultural group in the United States, there is also a small, but growing group of people interested in the Russian side [theoretical and practical] of psycholinguistics (and semiotics in general), and the timing for the proposed SLA discussion is very good, as I would like to foreshadow: In June 2006, there will be a three day roundtable after the Applied Linguistic Summer School in Jyvaskyla, Finland, which will be dedicated to the memory of Alexei Alexeevitch Leontiev, and soon more of his texts will be translated into English. There will also be a symposium dedicated to Vygotskian language theories at the November Vygotsky conference 2006 in Moscow (celebrating 110 years since the birth of Vygotsky). I will be sending you more information on these events, as the details become clear. I hope that some of you will want to attend these events. The as!
 pect of
 language theories within Vygotsky's method has not yet taken center stage in discussions, and it feels that the time is now coming. It is exciting, as there are many perspectives around the world that are developing in different ways. Thanks for opening this discussion in future.
P.S. A big thanks to those who have sent small gifts and money for Gita L'vovna for her 80th birthday on May 9th. I will be leaving for Moscow on May 4th, in case anyone is still interested in sending something. Again, the address is: D. R. 408 E. North Street, Warrensburg, MO. 64093, USA.

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