Play discussion

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 07:52:53 PDT

If I was unclear about the provision of background readings on play, my
As a prior note indicated, we will be discussing play for the next month in
the LCHC
seminar. I posted the site where the first two papers, one from D.B.
Elkhonin's book
the other from notes written by LSV and published in that book have been
posted as
pdf files. In the next few days we will be adding some readings to that list
Artin's article and others. We will also being doing an interactive video
meeting with
Pennti Hakarrainen's group in Oulu/Kajani which in principle we could

Knowing this topic to be of interest to several xmca members, we planned to
put a
summary of our local discussion on xmca as a note and invite participation
by any
and all interested. People can either follow this on the web threaded
discourse or as

(The recent notes re the difference between these two forms of participation
have helped
me understand how they differ for people, membership allow comment from
those who
ordinarily do not if the topic swings into a particular topic of interest,
the latter does not).

There will also be a posting for a vote on an article to be discussed from
the newest issue of
MCA. I assume we will get to that joint discussion in May for our last
quasi-focused discussion
before summer distractions distract from academic year distractions.

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