EXTENDED deadline 18/4 - Critical Computing, Aarhus, Denmark August 2005.

From: Olav W. Bertelsen (olavb@daimi.au.dk)
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 15:40:15 PDT

                     EXTENDED DEADLINE

   CRITICAL COMPUTING -- Between Sense and Sensibility

         The Fourth Decennial Aarhus Conference,
           Aarhus, Denmark, 21-25 August 2005


         New full paper deadline: 18 April 2005


Continuing the tradition from the conferences in 1975, 1985 and 1995,
it is the aim of the fourth Aarhus conference to provide a forum for
the exploration and development of new perspectives for critical

As information technology reaches out from the workplace to virtually
all aspects of human life, the scope of critical IT research expands
from a focus on designing computer support for quality of working
life to new frontiers. These frontiers include the home, leisure
time, citizen services, public spaces as well as the workplace. We
face new challenges for technology support and new pitfalls regarding
the ways in which people sense and form meaningful environments.

Critical Computing is a multi-disciplinary conference in
participatory design, interaction design, CSCW, social computing,
digital art and entertainment addressed from a variety of disciplines
like computer science, sociology, psychology, ethnography,
architecture, and aesthetics.

Submission deadlines:
Full papers, Panels, Workshops: April 18, 2005
Short Paper, Demonstrations, Doctoral Colloquium: June 12, 2005

More details at: http://www.aarhus2005.org.

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