Re: Butterflies and life

Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 15:03:08 PDT

Kevin Rocap wrote:

> Dear Dorie, David, et al,
> Actually one of the striking things about Rodriguez's book, imho, is
> that it is a well-wrought chronicle of one who, though extremely
> articulate, ultimately seems to reflect a near perfect form of
> internalized oppression. While he recounts painful experiences of
> having his race/ethnicity/cultural values ripped apart or ripped away,
> rather than condemn the oppressor he, instead, chooses to embrace the
> notion that assimilation at the expense of family and cultural ties is
> "the way" and now reflects that viewpoint in his politics being often
> anti-bilingual education or anti-affirmative action, etc.
> Rather than critique the oppression itself; he seems to embrace it and
> lend his political voice to its work.
> In Peace,
> K.

Opting out of a career in acadamia certainly sounds like a critique to me. I have always found his essays powerful and thought provoking. Here is an interview where he explains his position.

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