Re: Butterflies and life -or how is it possible to be pro-life and pro-poor

From: Ana Marjanovic-Shane (
Date: Sat Apr 02 2005 - 22:34:31 PST

Here is an example of how it is possible to be "pro - life" and pro poor.
At the same time when the President of the USA gets up in the middle of
the night to hurriedly go back to work and sign a law to "save a life"
her we get news like these:



As some of the country's top women athletes compete in NCAA tournaments
this month, the Bush administration quietly issued new rules that allow
schools to avoid offering women equal athletic opportunities. During the
2004 campaign, President Bush praised the role of women in athletics.
Yet not five months later, new changes by the Bush Administration
undermine the prospects for women's athletics.

What is Title IX? Title IX is a federal statute that bars sex
discrimination in education and athletics at federally funded
institutions. For more than three decades now (passed in 1972), Title IX
has opened the door to a college education for thousands of young women
and has ensured they have the opportunity to participate and excel in
collegiate athletics.

Not a fan of scientific studies, the new Bush administration's
Department of Education rules say colleges can now simply "survey" the
student body by email and take any lack of response as lack of interest
in sports opportunities. If you received a random email about a study on
college sports in your inbox, what is the likelihood you would open the
email? Well, any hesitation in response can be considered your response
- No action equals no interest!

This isn't the first time the Bush administration has tried to dismantle
Title IX. Back in 2002 its hand-picked commission came back with
sweeping recommendations whose impact would "dramatically reduce the
sports participation opportunities and scholarships to which women and
girls are entitled under the law."

Despite the fact that females make up half or more of students in high
schools and colleges, they still receive only about 41 percent of the
sports participation opportunities. Read the new research from the DNC
regarding Title IX and the Bush Administration. Click below or download
the report in the Resources section at *


Mike Cole wrote:

> Breaking away
> Breaking away
> stealing thoughts
> cutting edges and
> turning around.
> Hippity-hop!
> I cannot stop.
> Butterflies, jellyfish,
> marzipan sweet,
> snap dragon flies
> sprinkled with sand.
> Breaking away
> over the wires
> under the radar
> covering tracks.
> Hippity-hop!
> I cannot stop.
> Butterflies are blown northward
> to the San Joaquin valley in profusion.
> Orange, black, white fleeting lives,
> Flying, blowing north.
> Breaking away
> gently destroying
> remembrance of life before.
> Today the butterflies in our back yard crowded our beautiful purple
> flowers. Not yet blown away on their
> trip north. Heather appreciated the thoughts. Their lives are so short!
> Today Pope John Paul the 2nd died. They say he promoted pro life and
> pro social justice policies. It is an
> occasion,along with the furor over Terry Shaivo, for all of us to
> re-think what it means to be pro-life and pro-poor. David tried to get
> us to think about this issue earlier this week. Apparently his
> comments did not resonate. Might
> they evoke more externalized reflection the second time around?
> mike

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