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Hello Rodrigo

thank you for your posting! Yes, I feel the same. I like your
challenge. What do you think of Gal'perin's stage-by-stage formation,
Landa's algo-heuristic theory of learning and instruction, and Bedny's
self-regulation theory of learning in comparison with SDT? I myself
simply don't know when contrasting the former three theories with SDT.
So, I am interested in your opinion.

cheers and best regards,

On Feb 4, 2005, at 10:40 PM, del Valle, Rodrigo Tomas wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Rodrigo, from Chile, but currently working in my PhD in education
> at Indiana University... I have been silently participating and
> enjoying
> this list for several months now, but haven't posted much... Although
> I
> don't know much about SDT the contextual approaches learners take while
> working online is one of my research interests, and I am struggling
> with
> a similar tension, so here I go :-)
> It seems to me that quite often what happens in e-learning is that the
> learner is essentially working by himself, of course situated in a
> specific learning context, culture, probably with other learners or at
> least a facilitator, etc, but in the absence of a "campus" or classroom
> other contexts such as work, family, personal needs, etc. could affect
> how learners self regulate their learning more than in a face to face
> environment... In fact those that choose online learning probably do it
> because that personal context does not allow him to learn in a face to
> face environment.
> High dropout rates in online learning suggest that the learning demands
> that come with the freedom and flexibility of online learning challenge
> individuals to manage their time and the learning process in a unique
> way... Usually students must keep the learning demands in the
> foreground
> as they manage their work and home life, there is no fixed time to be
> in
> class or other cues to say, "time to learn"... In this sense I do think
> that in the context of online learning, theories that are more focused
> on the individual, such as SDT, can illuminate an activity analysis
> approach and vice versa.
> Rodrigo
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> Subject: Self-Determination theory versus SCT and AT
> Dear all,
> I have recently come across self-determination theory (SDT; cf. [1])
> and
> am wondering about your opinion of how you think if we can collate SDT
> with socio-cultural theory and systemic-structural activity theory
> (SSTA)? or, does SDT contradict with SCT and SSTA? I am presently
> working on a paper on e-Learning where I am pointing out that we need a
> paradigm shift to think in terms of a "Weltanstauung" (whole world
> view) . the origin of my opinion stems from the difficulties of
> learning
> and teaching activities (cf. [2]) and liaises with descriptive and
> prescriptive systems. Hence, on this ground, I believe that activity
> theory opens a range of new perspectives because it contains
> motivational assets of learning and teaching. But, since I am not
> familiar with SDT, I would appreciate to hear your critical opinion.
> Thank you very much.
> George
> (Hansjoerg von Brevern)
> Reference:
> [1] E. L. Deci and R. M. Ryan, "The "What" and "Why" of Goal
> Pursuits:
> Human Needs and the Self-Determination of Behavior", Psychological
> Inquiry, 11 (2000) 4, pp. 227-268.
> [2] H. Giest and J. Lompscher, "Formation of Learning Activity and
> Theoretical Thinking in Science Teaching", in Vyogotsky's Educational
> Theory in Cultural Context, Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive, and
> Computational Perspectives, A. Kozulin, B. Gindis, V. Ageyev, and S. M.
> Miller (Eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp.
> 267-288.
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Research in e-Learning Objects, e-Learning meta data standards,
didactical activity, Systemic-Structural Activity Theory, and
Socio-cultural Theory

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