Gita's celebration

From: Dot Robbins (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 11:40:33 PST

Dear Gill and all,
Thank you! Although I am not sure how other countries work in terms of financial transfers, in the past I have sent international money orders from here (USA) to various countries with no problem. Thank you for your generous offers. The most important thing, and something that would make Gita happy (I think), would be birthday cards from different places, different people, different languages. I will say this: anything you do will be greatly appreciated. Gita has not had an easy life, and to my knowledge she has never actually received royalities from her father's books, although some people have tried to help her. For many years she had to buy his books when she wanted to present them to friends as presents. So, you can be sure that something small will be very big. Any financial contributions would also be appreciated. Here is her picture.
With good wishes to all of you,

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