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Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 15:49:08 PST

Concerning what GARY FIELDS wrote:
> By chance, I happened to be with Tawfiq in Jayyus
> moments after he learned about this tragedy when I
> took this terribly sad photo. His story is one of
> many never heard in a media ever silent and blind,
> unwilling to look and listen. All we seem to be told
> are tales of Christmas Candy. Will there be a time
> when soldiers stop dispensing such gifts?

I personally know Palestinian Arabs who have had their land and property
confiscated on trumped up accusations by the PA terror regime. In contrast to
Tawfiq Hasam Salim. I can’t mention their names for fear of their personal
safety. Has anybody seen the pictures of the brutal killing of Palestinians
(falsely) accused of collaboration with Israel? – if not then look at this:
 My brother-in-law had to flee Iraq as a child back in 1949 leaving behind all
the family’s property. The Iraqi Moslems began to massacre the Jews in 1948 and
those who survived came as penniless refugees to Israel. Unlike Tawfiq Hasam
Salim not only was their property in danger but also their lives! My husband’s
aunt was brutally murdered in 1948 by the Syrian Muchabarat (secret police) in
revenge for her children ‘illegally’ escaping from Syria (=fleeing for their
lives). At the time of her imprisonment and execution she was an old woman over
60. These stories and many others have never been told by the western media.

Here are hair raising accounts of Palestinian Arabs who have dared to speak up:

Alisa Levy

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