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Re: distribution and exchange

Michael, if exchange has jumped from the S-C-Rules subtriangle to C-O-DivLab subtriangle, it is a mistake committed by someone who made the graphics for the web page. Please tell me where this faulty diagram is exactly and I'll get it fixed.

As to your question, you might be interested in a new paper in which I discuss the spheres of production, exchange, consumption (though not distribution) - and not using the triangle this time. The paper is titled VALUES, RUBBISH, AND WORKPLACE LEARNING and I'll be happy to send it to you if you want.



Wolff-Michael Roth kirjoittaa perjantaina, 12. marraskuuta 2004, kello 16:44:

I had some trouble with remembering where in YE's triangle go the terms DISTRIBUTION and EXCHANGE. Today I realized for the first time that YE used to have EXCHANGE in the S-C-RULES subtriangle but on the website has it in the C-O-DivLab subbtriangle.
Does anyone have an idea when this change happened and why it happened?
Has anyone worked on the fact whether it made sense to overlay production-consumption-exchange-distribution, which Marx discussed at the society level onto YE's triangle, which deals with any local, concretely realized activity?
Thanks for any pointers.