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FW: [peitition re: vote fraud]


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   Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:18:38 EST
   From: KellitaJ@aol.com

Here's what we can do instead of just reading about it, make a better history by helping change it!
Suggestions for What can we do about this election! 
Sign this petition:  http://www.petitiononline.com/uselect/petition.html
Write to your Congresspeople:  Contact your Government Official Few 
Demopcrats have been hollering, get them going!! An easy way to write a letter to your 
government officials is on this web site.  http://www.house.gov/writerep/ IF 
FAX Ralph Nader, 202-265-0092, and tell him to file for recounts and 
reexaminations of the tally in the states in which he was on the ballot. The Green 
Party wants to ask for a recount, but they have to raise the funds They have to 
pay $113,600 for the recount -- that's $10 per precinct.  You can join me and 
mail a check to: Green Party of Ohio,       P.O. box 754       New Albany, OH 
OR pay by PayPal.  Paypal is fast and easy, allows them to get the money 
immediately, and allows you to use your credit card if you want make the donation 
through PayPal to their treasurer at this e-mail address:  
Write to John Conyers (D - Mich), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary 
Committee on the Constitution, who has requested a Congressional Hearing on the 
2004 election. Tell him you support the request and that you want him to push for 
the hearing to be held as soon as possible. 
Contact Information for John Conyers: 
   * Washington DC E-Mail Address:  john.conyers@mail.house.gov 
   * Washington DC Web Address: http://www.house.gov/conyers ;
   * Washington DC Web Mail Address:      
http://www.house.gov/conyers/letstalk.htm ;
   * Washington DC Web Mail Address:  http://www.house.gov/writerep ; I 
prefer FAXING as it gets a hard copy letter into their hands: 
2426 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5126
(202) 225-0072 Fax
DCC Building, Suite 257
15100 Northline Road
Southgate, MI 48195 (734) 285-5624
(734) 285-5943 Fax
669 Federal Building
231 W. Lafayette
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 961-5670
(313) 226-2085 Fax

Some sites with vote fraud info
Here's a clearinghouse site for the voting irregularities that  have been 
documented nationwide.  http://www.pissedoffvoters.net/ 
 http://voteprotect.org/index.php?display=EIRMapNation .  
Discrepancies please, and hurry. E-mail them to tips@blackboxvoting.org. Pass 
the word. please shoot an email to crew@blackboxvoting.org to sign up.  Need 
source documents, too. ASAP. Follow your nose, or join the Black Box Scavenger 
Hunt: Pick a county. Look at small counties, as we are seeing many 
discrepancies in those. Look in any state. Get the official number of registered voters, 
Dem and Republican. Get the number of votes cast on Nov. 2, Republican and 
Dem. Make a grid like this, filling in the right numbers: 
# reg. voters % # votes cast %
Rep 100 33% 150 50%
Dem 200 67% 150 50%
Total 300 100% 300 100% 
4. Please also contribute to a little $$ to any or all of these support 
groups you think are deserving, who are listed randomly:  Please support the work 
Black Box Voting;  http://blackboxvoting.org -- which is a group uncovering 
hard evidence of fraud of the paperless electronic voting machines--with 
donations and/or volunteer work--they need to raise $50,000 to file freedom of info 
act requests for as quickly as possible to pay for records and the fees some 
states charge for them. If you can't donate funds 
http://www.eservicescorp.com/form.aspx?fID=912  , please donate time.
Vote watch http://www.votewatch.us   . They need $250,000 to do a 
professional statistical analysis of the election, which can be used as hard evidence. If 
you decide to move forward with a tax-deductible contribution, please make 
your check payable to Votewatch (ID# 94-3255070) and send it to: Votewatch  c/o: 
The San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Foundation (SFFCIF) Attn: 
David Barlow,  225 Bush Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94104  Smaller 
donations can be made online through the website http://www.votewatch.us 
Donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Electronic Frontier Foundation 
has been instrumental in all litigation across the country relating to e-voting 
(electronic voting). http://www.eff.org  You might send donations to Verified 
Voting  http://www.verifiedvoting.org and Voters Unite  
http://www.votersunite.org   and Ballot Integrity  http://www.ballotintegrity.org  .
Contact TrueMajority < http://www.TrueMajority.org > and MoveOn <
http://www.moveon.org > and CommonCause < http://www.commoncause.org >
and tell them to help pursue a post-election challenge to the vote
tallies. Donate money to these organizations.
 CONTACT THE PRESS!! The AP network is reporting contradictory stories about 
a “mandate? Because Bush won so big vs election fraud: Associated Press  (202) 
776-9400 DC Bureau Chief Sandy Johnson write and tell them not to be 
contradictory. Other press can be contact at these 2 web sites; 
http://www.parentstv.org/ptc/networks/main.asp  on this page you will find contact numbers for all 
the networks. This web site let’s you send 5 letter to your local press at one 
time, so copy and paste, then repeat! 
Write to George Soros and ask him to help fund litigation in Ohio and Florida 
to challenge the vote tallies.  c/o Open Society Institute--New York 888 7th 
Avenue New York, N.Y. 10106
United States of America Telephone: +1-212-757-2323 Fax: +1-212-974-0367
E-mail: osnews@sorosny.org Web: http://www.soros.org/gsbio.html;
Contact Kerry’s Brother’s Law office.  When I called they put me through to 
someone who asked for my state: they are adding them up! Contact Kerry at 
(202) 224-2742 -Phone (202) 224-8525 – Fax and urge him to unconcede and do a 
recount in Ohio (and perhaps elsewhere)
If you have witnessed or experienced disenfranchisement you can contact his 
brother's law office--they are collecting this information which will be vital 
in considering unconceding at CKerry@Mintz.com   (Don't just email articles or 
they will be inundated with emails.  They already know about the articles.)