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Re: FW: XII International Bakhtin Conference, 2nd Circular

I guess everybody has noticed the lack of Eugene on xmca recently. Am I the only one who sees it as a major loss? I certainly miss the stimulation. Has he had problems with the controllers?


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Subject: FW: XII International Bakhtin Conference, 2nd Circular


The second circular and registration form referred to in the message below may be downloaded from




Please direct all enquiries about this conference to the organisers, and not to the Bakhtin Centre.



 Subject: XII International Bakhtin Conference, 2nd Circular


The XII International Bakhtin Conference


Jyväskylä, July 18-22, 2005



Dear colleagues,


Please find enclosed the second circular (both in English and Russian) and the registration form.

Feel free to circulate this message.


On the behalf of the organising committee,


Mika Lähteenmäki



XII Mezhdunarodnaia bakhtinskaia konferentsiia


Jyväskylä, 18-22.7. 2005


Uvazhamye kollegi!


Prilagaiu vtoroi tsirkuliar (na russkom i angliiskom iazykakh) i anketu registratsii. Rassprostraniaite, pozhaluista, eto soobshchenie.


Ot imeni Orgkomiteta konferentsii,


Mika Lähteenmäki



The XII International Bakhtin Conference


Jyväskylä, July 18-22, 2005


Second Circular


You are cordially invited to participate in the XII International Bakhtin Conference which will take place July 18-22, 2005 in Jyväskylä, Finland. The conference will be hosted by Department of Languages and Centre for Applied Language Studies, University of Jyväskylä.




During last two or three decades the ideas discussed by Mikhail Bakhtin and the so-called Bakhtin Circle have been interpreted, appropriated and applied extensively; despite this, they still continue providing new insights into a variety of disciplines. At the same time, starting from the mid-1990s, the re-evaluation of the legacy of the Bakhtin Circle and its place in the Humanities has become a central issue in contemporary Bakhtin Studies. The publication of Bakhtinâ??s Collected Works and recent research into the possible intellectual sources of the members of the Circle have made inevitable the re-evaluation of Bakhtinâ??s ideas and the significance of the contributions by the other members of the Circle. These two projects have helped us understand the formation of the ideas of the Bakhtin Circle and to appreciate their â??originality in contextâ??.


The main objective of the XII International Bakhtin Conference is to offer a forum for scholarly discussions and debates concerning exegesis, interpretation and application of the ideas of Mikhail Bakhtin and other members of the Bakhtin Circle. We encourage presentations on a wide range of topics dealing with different aspects of the intellectual legacy of the Bakhtin Circle.


The main themes of the conference are:




Sergei Bocharov                     IMLI, Russia

Vadim Liapunov                    Indiana University, USA

Per Linell                                Linköping University, Sweden

Iurii Medvedev                      St. Petersburg, Russia

David Shepherd                     University of Sheffield, UK



The conference programme will include plenary sessions, keynote addresses, parallel sessions, symposia on specific topics, round tables and workshops. Symposia may include a keynote address. Please note that round tables, with 4-5 participants, should be structured around a precise topic and consist of a 90 min. debate on questions formulated by the moderator.





Proposals for 40 minute papers (including 10 min. discussion) to be read in parallel sessions: Please submit an abstract (max. 300 words), indicating the title of presentation, authorâ??s name, e-mail address, and institutional affiliation.


Proposals for symposia, round tables and workshops: Please submit one abstract only (max. 500 words), sent by the moderator. Please include a list of participants (name, affiliation), indicating the titles of their papers.


All proposals should be submitted by December 1, 2004. They should be sent by e-mail as an attachment (rtf) to  XIIINTERNATIONALBAKHTINCONFERENCE@campus.jyu.fi


The proposals will be reviewed by the organising committee. Authors of accepted contributions will be notified by February 28, 2005.





Contributions are accepted in English and Russian.





Registration starts in October, 2004. The deadline for the registration is April 15, 2005. Â You will find the registration form as an attachment to this circular and at the conference website.


Please return the registration form


EITHER in electronic form (as an e-mail attachment):




OR    by mail: Mika Lähteenmäki, Department of Languages, P.O. Box 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä, FINLAND


OR    by fax: +358 14 2601501, Mika Lähteenmäki, Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä





The conference fee is 150 ? (student fee 100 ?). After the he registration closes, we will send an invoice specifying the details of the payment. Please pay the fee by May 31, 2005. We regret we cannot accept credit card payment.


The organising committee may waive the registration fee in particular cases. Inquiries and applications should be sent to: XIIINTERNATIONALBAKHTINCONFERENCE@campus.jyu.fi





Accommodation with a reasonable price range is available in hotels as well as in hostels and summer hotels (mostly student dormitories). The hotels below are located within walking distance from the conference site.


Information about accommodation will be up-dated at the conference website and in the third circular. Special price for accommodation (per night, as in 2004) will be offered by the hotels below. Please note that minor changes in prices are possible. Please make your room reservation yourself at the website of the hotel of your choice. To get the special price, please mention â??The XII International Bakhtin Conferenceâ??.


Hotel                          Single room    Double room

Milton                        55 ?                              70 ?                  http://www.hotellimilton.com/etusivu-eng.html

Cumulus                     68 ?                             72 ?      http://www.cumulus.fi/hotelli.cfm?id=cumujkl

Alba                           68-72 ?             90 ?                http://www.hotellialba.fi/index.php?lang=englanti&

Jyväshovi                   82-87 ?                         104-108 ?        http://www.sokoshotels.fi/english/index.cfm


Inexpensive accommodation will be available at hostels and summer hotels. Their price range will be given in early 2005. You may check the City of Jyväskylä Tourism site at 






Conference proceedings will be published as a CD-ROM. Guidelines will be given during the conference.





We encourage Russian participants to apply for financial support from the scientific foundations RGNF (http://www.rfh.ru) and RFFI (http://www.rffi.ru).





Mika Lähteenmäki, Co-Chair (University of Jyväskylä)

Hannele Dufva, Co-Chair (University of Jyväskylä)

Urpo Kovala (University of Jyväskylä)

Tapani Laine (University of Tampere)

Mikael Leiman (University of Joensuu)

Sirpa Leppänen (University of Jyväskylä)

Erkki Vainikkala (University of Jyväskylä)

Honorary President: Erkki Peuranen, Professor, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences





A third circular will be issued in March, 2005.

Further information is available at the conference website:








Mika Lähteenmäki                                                             Hannele Dufva

Department of Languages/Russian                                    Department of Languages

P.O. Box 35                                                                       P.O. Box 35

40014 University of Jyväskylä                                           40014 University of Jyväskylä

FINLAND                                                                         FINLAND

tel. +358 14 2601499                                                        

fax +358 14 2602501