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Re: TPR Reference

For more information on TPR you can go to
http://www.tpr-world.com/tpr-what.html and http://www.tpr-world.com/ and
find some info about it, James Asher and his book.
The position is inatist but, in my opinion it does not have to be viewed in
the same way his originator did. It deals mainly with the instruction of
language thru the use of commands and advocates a silent period before
students start producing the language.
I have used it with kids and the results are pretty good. A friend of mine
had to teach adults with very low school level or low literacy level and
this was the method that gave the best results. After an initial period of
TPR I started using TPR-S (created by Blaine Ray, and uses mini-stories or
dramas to teach the language, highly involving the students) and was
astonished at how the kids were involved and could produce language. Blaine
uses Krashen´s theory to back up his technique but there was one person,
don´t remember who, who tried to make a link between TPR-S and Vygotsky. For
more on TPR-S, go to http://www.msu.edu/~sandinkr/tprs.htm
and http://www.msu.edu/~sandinkr/tprsarticles.htm, or
http://www.tprstorytelling.com/story.htm, or http://www.blaineraytprs.com/.
Many teachers in the US, including some with 30 years of experience teaching
have changed to TPRS and were very happy with the results. I don´t know if
you can still access the discussions around TPRS in the FLteach archives

Hope this helps,
Karin Quast

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> In a posting of 2 or 3 weeks ago, someone (David Preiss was it you?) gave
> an off-hand reference to a particular foreign-language teaching method
> called Total Physical Response which they characterized as behaviorist in
> its orientation. I'd very much like to track down a reference to TPR that
> makes that same claim. Can you help?
> Thanks.
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