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Re: TPR Reference


James Asher (I believe) is a central person connected to TPR. Sorry, I don't have references but I bet if you did a google with TPR and his name, you could find something. I've seen limited succes with teaching vocabulary in foreign language situations and have heard of similar successes in second language teaching. Generally speaking, it's a command based (i.e. using 'imperatives') approach to teaching language where students follow the directions that the teacher provides (e.g. Touch your nose, Walk to the window, Pick up the blue crayon).
hope this helps- cheers

David Preiss wrote:

Sorry, David, it was not me...

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In a posting of 2 or 3 weeks ago, someone (David Preiss was it you?) gave
an off-hand reference to a particular foreign-language teaching method
called Total Physical Response which they characterized as behaviorist in
its orientation. I'd very much like to track down a reference to TPR that
makes that same claim. Can you help?
David Kirshner

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