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Re: [ch-sig] AERA business meeting theme

Hi Linda and all,
and thank you Pedro and Mike.
So we have two topics so far

  1. Closing the gap or identity development form a chat lens..
  2. Differing National Traditions of Cultural Historical Research
It looks like, in spite of the silence, we will definitely not have the old Russian style (Yugoslav style) voting for one topic. Whew. However, three is more than two and four makes a party!! I urge you to take a moment and think of what will make you tick and have strong urge to come to the business meeting of CHSIG at AERA in Montreal. Suggest it to all of us.
Here is my suggestion:
"Play and games - studies of play activities from the CHAT perspective" .

What do you think?
(Don't tell me right away -- vote for it :-)         when it gets placed on the CHSIG's poll in a few days).


Polin, Linda wrote:
Hello CH-SIG and XMCA friends,

Sure is quiet on the topic of business meeting theme.

Below is my original email.

The only response to date is from Pedro Portes. If we have only one theme to
vote on, we have ourselves an old style Russian election for Eugene to run.


- - - - - - - - - Pedro's suggestion - - - - - - - - -

Closing the gap or identity development form a chat lens..

Pedro R. Portes
Professor of Educational &
Counseling Psychology
502 852 0630

- - - - - - - - - excerpt of original email - - - - - - -

We (CH-SIG) must select our guiding theme and theme-related speakers for our
business meeting at AERA.

Let's take this week and some of next week to suggest possible themes and
speakers on the CH-SIG listserv (ch-sig@yahoogroups.com). Then, vote before
the 19th. And, finally, lock in our speakers and propose our session before
the AERA deadline of August 3rd.

By the way, the general AERA theme for '05 is:
"Demography and Democracy in the Era of Accountability"
As usual, feel free to embrace, ignore, or abuse it.