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Re: [ch-sig] AERA business meeting theme

Linda-- I am being silent because I am not sure I can make it to AERA
because I HAVE to go to SRCD and I am teaching a large intro class so 
that being away two weeks in close proximity is really unfair to students.

If I could make it, the theme of "Differing National Traditions of
Cultural Historical Research" would really interest me. We see a lot
of these issues surfacing on xmca. If we could get them out onto the
table, so to speak, at AERA, it would be fascinating. 
Russian, German, Nordic, Scandanavian, souther European, Africah, Asian,
South American, North American, Middle Eastern.........

Diversity, progress, enculturation, power, domination, gender, imperialism,
justice, arrogance, ......... forgetting (where is English, or Indian in 
my list above..... all would have a chance to come tumbling out for people
to revel in.