From: Judy Diamondstone (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 09:40:33 PST

Here's an additional theoretical question - sorry i mised it earlier:

Assuming that social position influences theoretical stance, how might
membershiup in a cultural group influence they way that diversity is
theorized and studied from a CHAT perspective, and what are the
methodological implications for using CHAT to do research involving issues
of diversity?


  We assume that theories make a difference in how we conceptualize and act
on educational problems. What are the implications of different
CHAT-informed theories for understanding questions of “difference” in
complex sociocultural systems? Specifically, please address the differences
between Engestrom’s “expansive learning” theory and Lee’s “Cultural modeling
framework” and discuss how these theories might and might not be compatible;
under what conditions they, respectively and/or together, are relevant to
21st century educational issues.

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