RE: Reflection and change in a CHAT/Cultural Psychology paradigm

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 08:35:20 PST

Hi Phillip-

Am I correct that in the following answer you are using reflection in
more than one sense, or from more than one point of view:

what is the object of reflection, Phillip?

     new / more complete / different ways of understanding the activity learning
 within the classroom.


I first interpreted this as educationalist scholars object in studying/
promoting (collaborative) reflection in the classroom, although the collaborative part I am unsure of: perhaps I am simply "reading in" this aspect.

Then I pondered, without resolution, under what conditions it becomes the
object of an activity for the students. Perhaps Jason's current method is
a means of encouraging such as shift.

Which reminded me of my original suggestion to Carol, which I think also
applies to Jason's case, to look at the Developmental Change Research
lab's methodology, which I think might be considered a pretty articulated
set of procedures including tools, division of labor, etc. for collaborative
(who left after the prior note)

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