Re: Reflection and CHAT

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 08:28:10 PST

Very interesting comments and the grounding in your own particular
collaborative reflection project, the notion of reflection and action
being linked in various ways, and the idea of "coming to terms" all
were thought provoking jason ...(et al......)!

the "coming to terms" in this (collaborative reflective?) discussion
is what stimulated my first query to Bill about culture substituting
in his sentence for collaborative reflection.

Just a couple of observation/puzzlings.

If you look back over the series of notes of the past two days, am I wrong
in thinking that a sort of Vygotskian "chaining" of concepts is going on
here? Collaborative reflection got us to reflection more generally or
variably used (certainly used without the term collaboration and even
as far as sleep!). I tripped over jason's phrase of reflection being an
activity and then the term, activity, being used for some other (more
inclusive) event to which the term activity was also applied appearing
in the same sentence. I got off on the idea of "coming to terms" as
itself an interesting way to think of culture as a process of collective
meaning making mediated by past combinations of collective reflection
and action.

Now back to real life and deadlines.

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