Re: Reflection and change in a CHAT/Cultural Psychology paradigm

From: Kevin Rocap (
Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 20:35:10 PST

Dear friends,

A reflection on reflection...

Carol Macdonald wrote:

>What are we all referring to when labeling something as reflective? Is
>it just metacognition?
>[Carol Macdonald] Yes it is, but in the research, the reflective practice
>passes from the researcher into the teacher, in a way which would make LSV
Perhaps, but I think the caveats of a "reflective practitioner" approach
apply - that is, that an individual or a group that lacks external
theoretical, conceptual and/or alternative practices inputs and a
process of critical inquiry (including critical friends) to go along
with a process of "reflection" runs the risk of merely engaging in
self-fulfilling prophesies and a self-affirming of inadequate practices
(by reinforcing inaccurate or at least inappropriate notions), no?

In Peace,

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