re: cr&c

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 10:38:01 PST

I can see that those working to create activities where reflective practice
is valued and implemented have good reason not to want to substitute
culture into Bill's paragraph. I am, of course, speaking of culture as
(better, from) a particular perspective and it is polysemic. Reflective
practice is also polysemic. Even the word polysemic is polysemic.

However, which of the following things is not characteristic of culture
as understood in chat discourse:

I am also uncomfortable about the substtution as I think collaborative
reflection is a highly specific practice and there are some important
principles that givern it including the establishment of a shared vision or
goal, the establishment of trust, division of labor, complementarity, etc.

Establshing shared goals/visions?
division of labor?

Which of these things would remove from your own conception of culture?

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