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From: Vera Steiner (
Date: Sat Mar 20 2004 - 09:43:02 PST

I am also uncomfortable about the substtution as I think collaborative
reflection is a highly specific practice and there are some important
principles that givern it including the establishment of a shared vision or
goal, the establishment of trust, division of labor, complementarity, etc.
The literature on this type of practice is growing rapidly in Finland, UK
and in this country,
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> The replacement of "collaborative reflection" with "culture" broadens the
> picture, but not without cost. "Culture" is far more polysemic, and is
> constained to a unit of analysis. So while I think more people can nod
> heads and agree should the substitution be made, they /might not/probably
> will not/ be nodding to the same thing. I agree to your suggestion in
> principle, but in instantiation it loses me.
> And yes, it would seem that if we disagree, there would be someone who
> help clear the air.
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